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Windows and Doors for Fabric First


Fenestration is often overlooked in terms of being significant when it comes to building sustainable developments. The reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. Fenestration plays a critical role in contributing to the thermal performance, the aesthetic appeal, and the security of the overall structure; it is a significant contributor to buildings being able to achieve the high performance specifications demanded within today’s construction agenda. Within a Fabric First context this is even more the case.

With the majority of Fabric First developments being constructed off site, the role of fenestration and its associated installation solutions becomes even more critical. Windows and doors which are installed in a controlled factory environment, including air-tightness membranes, and bespoke installation detailing, offer a higher consistency of performance within the overall wall detail than those which are installed on site post structure assembly.

Windows and Doors integrated in this way, from the earliest design considerations, will play a major part in any building performing in reality how it is calculated in theory.