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Zero Carbon Hub 2015

The builders' book is a good craftsmanship guide that highlights key construction details when building a new home, and good practice for delivering them. During multiple site inspections, these details…

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ZCH Overheating In Homes The Big Picture

In recent decades the construction and energy efficiency sectors have made substantial progress in rising to the challenge of delivering highly energy efficient homes.

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ZCHomes Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

The UK Government has committed to a challenging CO2 emissions reduction target for 2050. Europe too has implemented a number of Directives designed to move the union towards a more…

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End of Term Summary

In recent years, the housebuilding industry and government have grown increasingly concerned over the potential gap between design and as-built energy performance.

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Design vs As Built Performance Gap End of Term Report

For some time, the Government has had concerns about the potential gap between design and as-built energy performance, following research into this issue by several universities and specialist projects. Indeed,…

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Cost Analysis-Meeting the Zero Carbon Standard

For obvious reasons, understanding the costs associated with building Zero Carbon homes has been, and remains, a critical issue for stakeholders. It therefore continues to be a core part of…

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Closing the Gap Between Design and As-Built Performance-Evidence Review Report

The Zero Carbon Hub was established in 2008, as a non-profit organisation, to take day-to-day operational responsibility for achieving the government’s target of delivering zero carbon homes in England from…

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Zero Carbon Compendium March 2015

Climate change is the biggest threat we face globally. But all too often it is discussed in the abstract, and can appear disconnected from our daily lives; and yet there…

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