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The concept of Fabric First construction has genuinely found a place in the mind-set of the building industry. From the foundations laid by the early champions of this method of constructing the understanding of ‘Fabric First’ has grown across all sectors of the building community to the extent that it is now a day to day term understood by many and very much a part of the standard construction agenda.

Over the past couple of years particularly the UK Government has made a significant effort to promote the benefits of offsite construction. Whilst they haven’t talked about ‘Fabric First’ specifically we believe that this is the right time to extol its virtues within the wider offsite debate, and to ensure that the significant benefits to society in the widest sense of constructing ‘Fabric First’ are shared with and understood by all.

What Is the Fabric First Academy?

The Fabric First Academy is a virtual ‘consultancy’, information and educational portal designed to support architects, contractors and developers who are looking to embrace and promote the principles and philosophy of Fabric First construction.

It will exist physically as a website at this address and at the premises of its member partners who will promote its benefits as a part of a collective effort to raise awareness of ‘Fabric First’ as a construction agenda, and who will each benefit from their association with it as providers of credible and impartial knowledge, education & training.


  • Provide an unrivalled knowledge base, advisory service and educational platform for architects, contractors and developers
  • Engage with Fabric First advocates at all levels to try to ensure that this agenda is known to all
  • Contribute to ensuring that ‘Fabric First’ secures a significant percentage of the future build programmes by offering the most thermally and logistically efficient construction solutions and the most innovative building practices
  • Ensure that all interested parties have access to the latest information and news with regards to legislation, industry reports, regulation, trends, products and innovations being brought to the market
  • To support Fabric First advocates as they seek to develop long term sustainable and profitable business models as a reward for their efforts and innovations
  • The Fabric First Academy will also act as a campaigning portal wherever possible for the whole Fabric First agenda; it will aim to raise awareness of all issues amongst stakeholders to help to champion and lead debate to ensure that ‘Fabric First’ is recognised as the most truly sustainable construction method.

Providing Education for the Fabric First Generation

The Fabric First Academy has been founded to provide education for the fabric first generation by making available generic information in relation to all aspects of fabric first construction.

For each building category you will find information and a ‘champion’ to provide support – including an introduction to the core subject, case study information, news, articles and other technical detail.

  • You will be able to request information and advice from key players in each area by contracting them on their individual email addresses online at:
  • You will be able to join the academy mailing list to receive newsletter updates on key changes to issues affecting the sector
  • You will be able to join and follow conversations on Linked In at ‘Fabricfirstacademy’ group and keep up to date on twitter
  • You will benefit from being able to access the latest industry news and reports provided by key industry players
  • You will be able to access news and information about the latest industry events and seminars

Become a member partner

Are you interested in becoming a member partner to the Fabric First Academy? Get in touch for more details and to see how you can contribute. Email us at

Become a guest commentator

Are you interested in becoming a guest commentator on key issues relating to Fabric First as a building concept? Get in touch for more details of how you can contribute. Email us at